Patrick Pierce

Senior Staff
Head of Program, Myanmar

Patrick J. Pierce is a specialist on human rights in Myanmar with a particular focus on conducting interviews with victims and witnesses, human rights databases, and analysis of human rights data. Pierce was the transitional justice program director of the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB), based in Thailand, from 2001 to 2007. At HREIB, he initiated and managed projects on documentation of human rights violations, transitional justice trainings, and research among people affected by human rights violations in Myanmar.

That work was captured in his most recent publication, "Local Transitional Justice Practice in Pretransition Burma" in Localizing Transitional Justice: Interventions and Priorities After Mass Violence, Rosalind Shaw and Lars Waldorf, with Pierre Hazan, eds. (Stanford University Press: 2010). Pierce also helped establish ICTJ's Solomon Islands program in early 2009, providing technical assistance to the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He holds a B.A. in Spanish from Butler University (1990) and an M.A. in Applied Anthropology from American University (1997).