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Mourners gathered on Thursday to mark the 22nd anniversary of the killings of around 200 civilians at the camp during the night between July 23 and 24, 1992.

“We expect the court to be fully functional at the beginning of next year… There will be several former Kosovo Liberation Army members on the trial bench,” a senior EU diplomat told BIRN.

Colombian rebel group FARC said Tuesday that in order for there to be long-lasting peace in the South American country, the guerrillas must to be considered the political organization they claim to be.

Ugandan authorities discovered three mass graves containing remains of victims of recent clashes over land rights in the oil-rich Lake Albertine Rift basin, threatening to escalate simmering tribal tensions in the region.

Tunisia's popular Hammamet International Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year by promoting peace, religious tolerance and unity.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who will be inaugurated for a second term Aug. 7, said on Sunday that Colombia's new legislature will be a "Congress of peace," according to Reuters.

National dialogue session resumed, Friday morning at the Justice, Human Rights and Transitional Justice Ministry headquarters in Bardo.

On Thursday, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will open public, digital access to the United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC) archive, which is full of harrowing stories like the ones above.

Sri Lanka's president has extended the terms of a commission investigating missing people and possible war crimes in the country's 26-year civil war, bringing in foreign experts for the first time to advise on the inquiry, the government said on Thursday.

Saskatchewan First Nations leaders, the legal community and, most importantly, thousands of residential school survivors are following events in an Ontario courtroom this week.