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Afghanistan's presidential election closed on Saturday amid relief that attacks by Taliban fighters were fewer than feared for a vote that will bring the first-ever democratic transfer of power in a country plagued by conflict for decades.

"The genocide is not over," a trauma counselor says. "The survivors are still living with those who committed the crimes."

The Supreme Court has stated that war-era crimes can be prosecuted under regular criminal procedure in the absence of transitional justice mechanism.

Victims of sexual violence during the 1992-95 war are often afraid to testify in court because of the fear of being stigmatised, the launch of an OSCE report on the issue in Sarajevo was told.

Brazil’s military has agreed to open investigations of use torture at bases it operated during two decades of dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

Brazil’s defense minister has agreed to investigate military facilities where human rights abuses were believed to have been committed during the country’s 21-year dictatorship, the National Truth Commission said Tuesday.

Parliament approved Tuesday a draft law aimed at protecting women from domestic violence, but the move is unlikely to please activists who disapprove of several amendments made to the text.

Judges dismiss defendant's bid to terminate proceedings, and give the Kenyan government six months to provide key documents.

Under a 1979 amnesty law, no one has ever been tried for the human rights abuses committed during Brazil’s dictatorship. Although some victims have spoken about the horrors of that dark time, it seemed many Brazilians preferred to forget.

The first round of Egypt's presidential poll has been set for 26-27 May, officials say, days after army chief Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi resigned and announced his candidature.