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The government and the FARC rebel group reached a deal Wednesday that would allow rebel commanders to exchange their weapons for a future in politics, an important advance that analysts say leaves little doubt there will be a final peace pact in the months ahead.

A Serbian prosecution indicted former Yugoslav commander Toplica Miladinovic for allegedly ordering attacks on four Kosovo villages in which scores of Albanians were killed in 1999.

Rwandan-backed guerrillas' dramatic collapse follows offensive by revamped UN force and mounting international pressure

Argentina’s government has found a trove of secret documents from the military dictatorship, which held power from 1976 to 1983. The discovery provides rare insight into the persecution of intellectual figures and efforts then to deal with inquiries into human rights abuses during the Dirty War, when as many as 30,000 people are thought to have been killed or disappeared.

The Hague Tribunal’s president Theodor Meron said the UN had failed by not setting up a reparations fund but defended his court’s record after a series of controversial acquittals.

Prosecutor representing Ixil minority group hopes pan-American court can reinstate 80-year sentence that was quashed in May

Former Egyptian leader charged with inciting violence during his presidency; trial adjourned until Jan. 8

State of emergency, which has been in place since 2011 uprisng, is extended by eight months to June 2014.

Government forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo are attacking the last areas held by the M23 rebel group in the forested hills in the east.

Families of missing activists want British PM and other Commonwealth leaders to tackle authorities over 'disappeared'.