Siri Frigaard

Siri Frigaard has been the chief public prosecutor and director of the Norwegian National Authority for Prosecution of Organized and Other Serious Crime since August 2005, when this office was established. The office is also responsible for the investigation and prosecution of special international crimes, such as war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Prior to this appointment, Ms. Frigaard was the deputy director of the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) in Norway, from May 2003. She has been a public prosecutor in Norway since 1985, and chief prosecutor and deputy director for the regional prosecution office in Oslo since 1993. She has also served as acting director of this office.

Previously, Ms. Frigaard worked as an assistant chief of police and prosecutor with the Oslo Police Department for about six years, primarily in charge of the investigation of organized drug trafficking. From January 2002 until May 2003 she was deputy general prosecutor for serious crimes in East Timor, in charge of the investigation and prosecution of the crimes committed in 1999. She also served as a prosecutor and special legal adviser to the general prosecutor of Albania from June 1999 to October 2001. She has represented Norway on different committees at the European Council in Strasbourg and in the Baltic Sea Co-operation concerning international legal aid.