ICTJ at 15: What We Do and Why We Do It

What do we mean by justice in these circumstances? How do we balance the interests of justice and dignity with the pursuit of peace and stability? What can be done to restore the basic values of trust and respect in a system shattered by atrocities perpetrated on an enormous scale? How does a society recover?

Transitional justice is about accountability and redress for victims. It focuses on their dignity as citizens and human beings. Ignoring massive abuses is an easy way out; it destroys the values on which any decent society is built. ICTJ’s first fifteen years has shown that the demand for justice and the efforts to rebuild broken societies arise in different contexts and take different forms. While there are reasons to believe that these efforts have been valuable in the countries where they have taken place, there is sadly no shortage of new situations where mass violations and abuses are taking place. As we look to the challenges ahead, we celebrate 15 years of ICTJ’s contribution to a better world.