Children and youth affected by armed conflict: where to go from here?

Date and time: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (All day) to Friday, September 27, 2013 (All day)
Kampala, Uganda


This conference is organized by Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations & War Child Holland. From the description on the website of the conference:

Following a successful conference in Brussels in 2009, this new conference on rehabilitation and reintegration processes for children and youth affected by war and armed conflict will reflect on “the way forward."

Although much evidence already exists, important gaps in our knowledge and information sharing remain: How can transition processes from rehabilitation centres back to communities be built appropriately? How do transitions from crisis humanitarian interventions to longer-term developmental aid work? Must transcultural aspects be included in programming and support? How can dependency on humanitarian interventions be limited? How can children, families and communities participate in humanitarian and developmental aid responses? How can we tackle processes of stigmatisation and exclusion?

Many of these gaps cannot be approached from single perspectives. This conference therefore includes diverse disciplinary approaches, such as clinical psychology, social work, transitional justice, human rights, pedagogical sciences, education, global public health, and international advocacy. This multidisciplinary approach will maximise learning and help participants to identify ways forward in their own discipline. Moreover, interaction between researchers, practitioners, organisations and policy makers might broaden their views and collaboration possibilities.

This conference will attract researchers, experts, practitioners and policy-makers from all around the world. As an excellent opportunity to discuss experiences, challenges, and achievements with people and organisations working with war-affected children, all those working in this field need to attend the conference.

During the conference, a set of recommendations for policy makers, practitioners and researchers will be formulated to impact policies related to rehabilitation and reintegration processes of children affected by armed conflict. This process will begin in the months prior to the event, and culminate in a finalised text of recommendations at the conclusion of the conference, following input from participants.

ICTJ's Role

ICTJ's Virginie Ladish will lead a plenary on engaging children and youth in transitional justice.

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