Report Launch: Building Blocks for Reparation

Date and time: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 03:00
Virtual: Zoom

In 2019, the ICTJ with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) undertook a study focusing mainly on Acholi and Lango sub-regions of Uganda, to establish the extent to which recovery and reconstruction programs had contributed to alleviating the harms and challenges faced by war-affected populations. The study has culminated in a report titledBuilding Blocks for Reparation: Providing Interim Relief to Victims Through Targeted Development Assistance.’

The report acknowledges the distinctions between reparations and development, while exploring intersections between the two that could be optimized to address the urgent needs of victims of human rights violations. It identifies substantive and practical considerations that government authorities at the national and local levels should take into account when designing and implementing reconstruction and development programs, and it proposes ways to maximize the potential of ongoing programs to address the immediate needs of victims and mitigate the effects of the abuses they endured. Finally, the study explains how existing recovery and development programs could increase victims’ access, improve implementation modalities, and address the various challenges and gaps that limit programs’ effectiveness. If they are appropriately designed, local recovery and reconstruction programs can form a foundation upon which reparative approaches can be based and built in the future.

This event is a virtual panel discussion on Zoom, hosted by ICTJ’s Uganda office, and will take place on Tuesday, September 15, at 10:00 AM Nairobi time

Panelists will include:

  • Francis Okello – District Development Officer (DCDO) Lira
  • Peter Douglas Okello – District Development Officer (DCDO) Omoro
  • Nathan Twino – Senior Legal Officer Amnesty Commission
  • Carol Adio - Gulu Women Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G)

The discussions will be moderated by Sarah Kasande – Head ICTJ Uganda Office


Prior registration is required. Please visit this link to do so; after registering, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the event.