Roundtable Discussion: The Right to Reparations and Transitional Justice in Uzbekistan

Date and time: 
Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 11:00

Hundreds of political prisoners in Uzbekistan have been released since the 2016 regime change. Do these releases signal a real shift in respect for human rights in the country? What broader implications might these amnesties have on Uzbekistan's future? On February 25, FIDH will present its report "Uzbekistan: The Right to Reparations of Political Prisoners", which, in posing these questions, focuses on the fulfillment of the rights to restitution, rehabilitation, compensation and guarantees of non-recurrence of the thousands arbitrarily detained and tortured during the predecessor regime. The speakers, international law and transitional justice experts, will offer their analyses of the report and reflections, based on experience of other transitioning states, on how implementing reparations and other transitional justice measures could advance the reestablishment of social trust and the rule of law in the country.

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  • Maisy Weicherding, Researcher Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, Amnesty International
  • Steve Swerdlow, Associate Professor of the Practice of Human Rights, the University of Southern California, Former Senior Researcher for Human Rights Watch
  • Dilfuza Kurulova, Human rights lawyer
  • Maran Turner, Freedom Now, Executive Director
  • Erkin Musayev, Former political prisoner
  • Anna Myriam Roccatello, The Deputy Executive Director and Director of Programs of the International Center for Transitional Justice


  • Ilya Nuzov, International Federation for Human Rights, Head of Eastern Europe - Central Asia desk, co-author of the report