Truth and Memory


In edition of ICTJ Dispatch, ICTJ Deputy Program Director Anna Myriam Roccatello discusses her recent mission to Nepal.


In this podcast, ICTJ Senior Research Associate Roger Duthie, former Senior Research Associate Clara Ramírez-Barat, and UNICEF Peacebuilding Program Manager Friedrich Affolter discuss the joint ICTJ-UNICEF research project on “Education and Transitional Justice: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding.”


In this edition of ICTJ Dispatch, ICTJ Communications Director Refik Hodzic reports on his recent mission to Tunisia.


In this podcast, Ruben Carranza, Director of ICTJ's Reparative Justice Program, discusses the significance of a newly unveiled memorial to those killed during the Mau Mau uprising against British colonial rule in Kenya.


بعد ثماني سنوات من الشلل، شهدث بداية هذا العام عودة جهود نبيال في تدبر التركة الثقيلة التي خلفتها الحرب الأهلية ، والتي قتل فيها أكثر من 13000 شخص واختفى قسرياً ما يزيد عن 1300 شخص.


After eight years of paralysis, the beginning of this year saw a revival of Nepal’s efforts to reckon with the lingering legacy of the civil war, in which some 13,000 people died and more than 1,300 were forcibly disappeared.


Conversamos con Martha Nubia Bello del Centro Nacional para la Memoria Histórica, quien está a cargo de la concepción y desarrollo del futuro Museo Nacional de la Memoria en Bogotá, que espera abrir sus puertas en 2018.