ICTJ Dispatch: Anna Myriam Roccatello on Cote d’Ivoire



ICTJ Dispatch is a new podcast series to present expert political, social, and legal analysis of recent developments in transitional societies where ICTJ works to support truth, accountability and reform. It will feature interviews with our experts who regularly conduct missions to assist ongoing transitional justice efforts around the world.

In the first edition of ICTJ Dispatch, ICTJ's Deputy Program Director Anna Myriam Roccatello reports on her recent mission to Cote d'Ivoire. There, president Alassane Ouattara’s government has recently extended the mandate of the Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Special Investigative Unit of the Ministry of Justice, both tasked to address the crimes committed during the election-related violence in 2010 in which some 3000 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced.

In this interview with ICTJ Communications Director Refik Hodzic, Roccatello explains that while the initial decisions to establish these bodies carried promise that Cote d’Ivoire would undergo a genuine reckoning with the causes and consequences of violence of 2010, both processes have been marred: the truth commission has experienced continual delays, and the Special Investigative Unit has been accused biased investigations which so far have been directed only against supporters of former president Laurent Gbagbo.

“It’s been two and half years since the inception of these institutions, and there are some reservations about the results of their work among the victims, but also international community which has supported the Ivorian government in the process,” says Roccatello. “These reservations have become stronger after the expiration of the original mandate, and although the mandate was extended in December, the doubts certainly remain.”

Listen to Roccatello’s full analysis below in the first edition of the ICTJ Dispatch:

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PHOTO: Local residents look into the cab of a burnt truck, in the Abobo neighborhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)