Seeking Reparations for Apartheid Victims: Interview with Dr. Marjorie Jobson



Earlier this month, South Africa’s Department of Justice and Constitutional Development proposed draft regulations relating to reparations for apartheid-era victims. These regulations offer educational and medical benefits to apartheid victims who testified before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission before it released its 2003 report. This includes about 16,000 listed victims and their children, excluding a large number who did not testify before the list of victims was closed.

Some victim support groups and activists are skeptical of the proposed regulations. They show concern that politicians are not adequately addressing the needs of many victims of apartheid.

In an ICTJ podcast, Dr. Marjorie Jobson, National Director of the Khulumani Support Group–one of the most prominent victim support groups in South Africa–assesses the draft regulations and puts forth ideas on how to better address victims’ needs.