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The Belgrade-based special court ruled on Tuesday that there was no reliable evidence that Zivkovic raped and inhumanly treated the three women during the war in Bosnia in June 1992.

The National Security Archive said that the documents released on Monday showed that “international passivity [and] lack of support for peacekeepers doomed Srebrenica 20 years ago”.

Oric’s lawyer Lejla Covic told the Bosnian state court on Tuesday that his defence has asked the UN’s Mechanism for International Tribunals in The Hague to order Bosnia to halt war crimes proceedings against the former general because he has already been acquitted of the same charges.

The Colombian government and FARC guerrillas have reached an agreement on 74 of the 75 points of a transitional justice deal, and are inching closer towards a final peace agreement.

The district court in Banja Luka found Kusuran guilty on Monday of being part of a group of Bosniak fighters who killed two men called Ostoja Baltic and Bozo Indjic in August 1992 and burned their bodies.

Key prosecution witness Zoran Raskovic,a former member of a Serbian military unit known as the Jackals, told the Belgrade-based special court on Monday that his fellow troops executed more than around 60 men in the Kosovo village of Ljubenic on April 1, 1999.

Peace talks between Sudan's government and rebels have adjourned without a deal after a week of negotiations in Ethiopia, African Union mediators said Tuesday.

An Israeli ministerial committee has approved a law sharply criticised by human rights groups as it would allow the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12.

Colombia's government announced Sunday it is pardoning 30 jailed members of the FARC in what it called a confidence-building measure as it pursues peace talks with the leftist guerrilla group.

Violence flared in southern Nepal when the police open fire on protesters who had been blocking the country’s main highway, an official said on Sunday. The shootings threatened to deepen a political crisis over the country’s new Constitution.