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The head of the Bosnian prosecution war crimes department, Gordana Tadic, told a conference in Sarajevo on Thursday that the deadline will be missed and asked for another three years to complete the task.

“We heard rumours that they were preparing to attack,” says Garba Touré, guitarist with the Malian band Songhoy Blues. “When the firing started I rushed back home to check that my mother and children were ok. It was as if we’d been hit by an earthquake.”

Uruguay has created a commission to probe human rights violations perpetrated from 1968 to 1985 as the government cracked down brutally on a leftist rebellion.

The Truth and Justice Working Group will investigate crimes committed by the police and army during the country's 1973 to 1985 dictatorship, and during a state of emergency decreed prior to the dictatorship, on June 13, 1968.

The commission was created under a decree signed Tuesday by President Tabare Vazquez.

The former chief of the feared spy agency responsible for kidnapping, torturing and killing thousands during Chile's military dictatorship has accumulated 500 years in prison sentences.

General Manuel Contreras, 86, has been serving a combined sentence for crimes against humanity.

Today, the Chilean supreme court sentenced him to 15 more years for the 1974 killing of Ana MarIa Puga and Alejandro de la Barra Villarroel.

Four former spy agency members were also sentenced for the killing of the couple.

The publicity surrounding an 11-year-old communist rebel reported to have surrendered to the Philippines military this month has served as a harsh reminder of the work still to be done to rid the South East Asian country of the scourge of child soldiers.

One of the most notorious forms of torture was the “roast chicken,” an obscene stress position in which the victim was suspended naked, like a trussed bird on a spit.

The families of those killed in the Ballymurphy Massacre are to hold a protest in Belfast city centre today voicing their opposition to Prince Charles’s visit.

The county state attorney’s office in the coastal city of Rijeka on Monday filed an indictment against two former members of the police force of the self-proclaimed wartime Republic of Serbian Krajina.

The Palestinian Authority said it had asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to set a date for submitting the case files pertaining to the settlements and war crimes lawsuits against Israel to the court.

Inquests into some of the most controversial Troubles-related killings will be heard by judges, Northern Ireland's Justice Minister has confirmed.