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The government will call another vote on setting up a special war crimes court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas, indicating it now has enough support to get it approved.

Woman set ablaze during a 1986 protest has become a symbol of atrocities and impunity under the country's dictatorship.

Myanmar has announced the release of almost 7,000 prisoners on presidential pardons, the latest in a series of amnesties by Thein Sein's reformist government.

The United Nations special envoy for Syria said Wednesday that he had invited a range of Syrians to participate in what he described as preparatory, separate discussions on how to restart peace talks after more than four years of war.

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh on Wednesday upheld the death sentence for an influential opposition leader and an aide to a former prime minister for his role in mass killings during the country's independence war against Pakistan in 1971.

Peruvian soldiers have rescued almost 40 men, women and children kept prisoner for up to three decades by a Communist rebel group.

A survivor of the Pol Pot regime told the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Tuesday that he holds the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk responsible for the trauma he endured under the ultra-Marxists.

Former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s Drenica Group cell said they will appeal against their convictions for crimes against civilians during the 1998-99 conflict.

A special exhibit on the legacy of Indian residential schools is open to the public daily throughout July and August at St. James Cathedral in Toronto.

A bilateral ceasefire between Colombia’s government and FARC rebels is “very far away,” said the country’s Defense Minister on Monday.