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Sudanese government and Sudanese Revolutionary Front (Darfur Track) have signed a framework agreement on the issues they will discuss in the direct talks for peace in Darfur. The ongoing discussions for peace in Darfur come after the signing on September 11 of confidence-building measures including the cessation of hostilities and humanitarian access.

The same deal was renewed on December 14; the parties gave themselves further time to achieve a peace agreement and set February 14 for the signing of a final peace agreement.


Over the past year, attacks on buildings in northwestern Syria, which are supposed to be off limits during wartime under international law, grew so frequent that the head of the United Nations launched an inquiry to document the violations.


Half as many people have been charged with war crimes by the Bosnian state prosecution this year compared to 2018, causing war victims’ groups to warn that some perpetrators may never face justice.

During the course of 2019 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27 state prosecutors dealing with war crimes filed 17 indictments by December 29, an analysis by BIRN has shown.