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In Indonesia, activists warn that violence on the scale of the May 1998 riots that marked the downfall of former President Suharto could occur once again amid the growing climate of intolerance.


The Arab Spring has so far cost the jobs of two long-time leaders and at least three others are warily eying the despot exit ramp. But what happens next? Right now punishment seems to be the preferred route for those deposed.


Komisi untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan (Kontras) menyatakan pengesahan RUU tentang Intelijen yang diagendakan pada Juni 2011 harus ditunda karena pemerintah dan DPR dinilai belum menyerap seluruh keinginan publik.


The prosecutor of the UN-backed tribunal has filed a new indictment in the investigation of the 2005 killing of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.


De demokratiske bevægelser i Nordafrika og Mellemøsten står over for et skæbnesvangert opgør ved overgangen fra diktatur til folkestyre.


A Maoist leader in Nepal accused of ordering a man's death during the country's civil war has been appointed as a government minister, provoking sharp criticism from the United Nations.


Former Member of Parliament (MP) for North Malaita, Daniel Fa’afuna has blamed two former Prime Ministers for failing to address the Guadalcanal people’s demands.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Honduras will publish its delayed report on the events surrounding the 2009 coup.


La Commission d’enquête internationale et indépendante créée par le Conseil des droits de l’homme de l’ONU, le 25 mars 2011, est arrivée ce mardi en Côte d’Ivoire.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) public hearing for ex-militants in Malaita Province will go ahead in Buma, West Kwara'ae next week.