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Rare among Africa’s benefactors is an actual African, making billionaire Sudanese businessman Mo Ibrahim unique in his role as one of the continent’s foremost philanthropists.


Troops from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army who last year agreed to become a border force have now reneged and last week destroyed a weapons cache belonging to their former unit.


The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) has begun its first public hearings in Northern and upper Eastern Kenya, where it has so far collected 3,474 statements.


A two-track strategy has emerged as the trump card the State hopes will put paid to the determination of the International Criminal Court to prosecute the six Kenyans it accuses of bearing greatest responsibility for post-election violence.


The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. David Tolbert, the President of the ICTJ, explains the work of the organisation during its first ten years and its focus for the future.


As human rights lawyers assist the outgoing Haitian government in preparing a legal case against former “President for Life” Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, Haiti’s likely incoming president revealed this week that he favors granting the recently returned dictator an amnesty from prosecution.


A judicial panel in Bangladesh rejected bail petitions of four Islamist leaders and allowed their interrogation by the police on charges of committing “war crimes” during the 1971 War of Liberation.


Los grupos armados organizados que todos están llamando bacrim no tienen una estructura jerárquica clásica ni todos comparten orígenes ni formas estructurantes comunes.


Defence teams for alleged masterminds of the post-election violence return to The Hague tomorrow for a meeting that preludes confirmation hearings at the ICC in September.


Con el pretexto de sacar del limbo a los 30 mil desmovilizados, el gobierno Santos promovió la ley 1424.