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As the number of Syrians in Egypt rises, refugees say it has become increasingly difficult to find places for their children in already overstretched government schools.

President orders release of political prisoners and easing of restrictions on parties to encourage national dialogue.

Serbian authorities re-started the examination of a suspected mass grave near the town of Raska where it is believed ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war may be buried.

Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, said on Wednesday that her office had received ample reports of “crimes of unspeakable cruelty” by the extremists of the Islamic State but that the court had no jurisdiction over Iraq and Syria where the acts occurred or over the group’s leaders.

Case at The Hague brought by Mothers of Srebrenica group blames Dutch peacekeepers for not preventing genocide

Mali’s government has resigned and a town planning minister, Moussa Mara, will become prime minister, a presidential spokesman said on state television late on Saturday.

José María Galante was a leftist college student when he was handcuffed to the ceiling of a basement torture chamber, his body dangling in the air. A police inspector laughed and taunted him, striking martial arts poses before repeatedly kicking and beating his face and chest.

Afghanistan's presidential election closed on Saturday amid relief that attacks by Taliban fighters were fewer than feared for a vote that will bring the first-ever democratic transfer of power in a country plagued by conflict for decades.

"The genocide is not over," a trauma counselor says. "The survivors are still living with those who committed the crimes."

The Supreme Court has stated that war-era crimes can be prosecuted under regular criminal procedure in the absence of transitional justice mechanism.