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Former left-wing rebel leader Salvador Sanchez Ceren has been sworn in as president of El Salvador.

The organizers of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission hope the work they have done uncovering the stories of tribal members who were involved with the child welfare system will inspire other states to tackle such an undertaking.

In the turbulent final years of Suharto's reign as strongman of Indonesia, Mugiyanto – like many in the country, he goes by only one name – took shelter in what he thought was a "safe house".

The International Commission of Jurists today called on the government to amend the Act on commissions of inquiry on disappeared and truth and reconciliation to make it consonant with international law.

The Serbian war crimes prosecution said on Thursday that it had been warned of possible retribution from the 'Visegrad' former Bosnian Serb fighters' union over its joint inquiry with Sarajevo prosecutors into the kidnapping and killing of 19 Bosniak civilians from a train in Strpci in February 1993.

An organization representing victims of Colombia's 50-year armed conflict insisted before the country's constitutional court of the need to have a representative at the ongoing peace talks in Cuba between Colombia's government and the FARC guerrilla group, national station Caracol Radio reported on Tuesday.

In Argentine judge heard testimony in Spain on Thursday from two women in their 90s who say their family members were tortured and killed during General Francisco Franco's right-wing dictatorship.

Earlier this month, dozens of youth who partook in the 2011 uprising commemorated the third anniversary of the killing of 12 protesters by Central Security Forces on May 11, 2011.

Former first minister Lord Trimble has called for an inquiry into whether there was collusion by Irish police (Garda) in the IRA murder of a High Court judge.

Serbia's justice system is still influenced by the executive, while many judges and prosecutors believe it does not make decisions independently, a survey by the Nis-based NGO Center for Human Rights shows.