‘Truth Commission Needed in Manipur for Justice to Victims'


Human rights institutions and activists, senior academics, victims, and other stakeholders have strongly emphasized the need for a transitional justice process in Manipur in Northern India to address the “pressing needs” of widows, children, and other family members affected by extrajudicial killings and other serious human rights violations over the last few decades.

According to a joint press release, state authorities in Manipur need to establish a truth commission, seek reparations for victims, strengthen justice in institutions, expedite criminal cases lodged against the perpetrators, ensure accountability, and uphold the rule of law. These unanimous recommendations emerged at the end of a one-day consultation on the application of a transitional justice framework for the families of victims of extrajudicial execution, which was organized by civil society organizations at Manipur University.

Participants stressed the need to include all the victims of ongoing armed conflict in the process and to address the root causes of the conflict, rather than confining the scope of the investigation to just the victims of extrajudicial execution.

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The Morung Express