“Gambia, EU Partnership Based on Shared Values”


EU Ambassador to The Gambia, Attila Lajos, has said that as long as The Gambia progresses in its democratic transition, the country can count on the EU as a reliable and predictable partner. The partnership is growing in strength, with over 347 million of a promised 365 million euros already invested in projects across the country.

Ambassador Lajos saluted the de facto press freedom that now exists in the country, as well as progress toward truth and reconciliation, constitutional review, and legal reforms, including reforms to laws regulating the media, which are all a testament to a belief in the EU’s core values of peace and democracy.

He stated that both the government of The Gambia and the EU recognize youth empowerment and employment as a strategic priority. “Creating a conducive environment in the country is at the heart of the EU’s intervention, so that the Gambian diaspora, including those without legal status in Europe, can build their future here,” he said.

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