Up to 200 Ex-Soldiers and Police Facing Troubles Investigations


As many as 200 former members of the British security forces are under official investigation for alleged criminal acts during sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, known as the Troubles, as a rift opens up between the Northern Ireland Office and the Ministry of Defense (MoD) over how to deal with historical accusations.

There are at least three prosecutions against British soldiers underway. A former parachute regiment lance-corporal identified only so far as “Soldier F,” is due to stand trial for murder and attempted murder for his role in the 1972 Bloody Sunday killings. Some Conservative Party MPs and thousands of current and former service personnel are exerting pressure on the MoD to protect soldiers from prosecution for their actions in Northern Ireland.

A UK government spokesperson said: “The system to investigate the past needs to change to provide better outcomes for victims and survivors of the Troubles and to also ensure members of our armed forces and police are not disproportionally affected… We have always said that we will not introduce amnesties or immunities from prosecution in Northern Ireland.”

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