Ai Weiwei Remembers Disappearance of 43 Mexican Students


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s interest in studying human rights around the world led to his meeting with relatives of the 43 college students from Ayotzinapa who disappeared in Guerrero State in 2014. That encounter led to his new exhibit in Mexico City at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which displays big, colorful portraits of the 43 missing people assembled by students using Lego.

The portraits are based on images that the parents of the missing youths carry on signs during their protest marches and at news conferences. Each pixel is represented by a Lego brick and the students followed a color guide to assemble them.

The young people who assembled the works found themselves moved as the portraits began to take shape. “It gave me goosebumps because I thought: ‘That could have been me.’ No one is exempt,” Lleyva said. “It doesn’t stop making you angry and it likely has to do with the symbolism of the event, the symbolism of this attack against the student community.”

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Associated Press