Alliance for Transitional Justice Promises to Defeat Impunity in Liberia


The Alliance for Transitional Justice (ATJ), a rights group consisting of 16 institutions drawn from civil society organizations, faith-based, legal, educational, research, women/youth focus and networks of massacre survivors’ related institutions have agreed to defeat impunity in the country.

On June 12, 2018, the name, Alliance for Transitional Justice was adopted to advocate for the full and timely implementation of the 2009 Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report.

Since the establishment of the ATJ, the institution was able to hold it first inaugural ceremony on Sunday, May 19.

Speaking at the induction ceremony, the Secretary of the National Technical Advisory Working Group, Jeremiah S. Swen, said since the inception of the TRC Report of 2009, there had been no strong commitment for the full implementation of the recommendations.

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