Apartheid Victims Ask Zondo to Probe NPA Capture


In South Africa, families are drawing together against what they feel is a betrayal by the ANC government. Their relatives are freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for democracy, but those believed responsible for their deaths are yet to be prosecuted. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has admitted that political interference led to almost 300 apartheid-era cases being ignored. Now, the families waiting for justice are asking the state capture inquiry to look into how the NPA was captured when it refused to investigate those apartheid crimes. 

In mid-April, while the inquiry known as the Zondo Commission was hearing testimony on political interference in police investigations, author Lukhanyo Calata was preparing to submit another case before the commission led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. It was during the case to bring prosecution against Joao Rodrigues, the accused murderer of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol, that admissions about political intererence in the NPA finally went on record. Former TRC commissioners, including Yasmin Sooka and Dumisa Ntsebeza, have also gone on record in supporting the call for an inquiry. 

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