Armenia Seeks Transitional Justice to Overcome Legacy of Old Regime


As Armenia’s new government wrestles with how to move past a quarter-century of ill-governance and unaccountability, a popular international legal concept has become a buzzword: transitional justice. 

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has regularly deployed the term to describe his vision of reforming the judicial system. On May 24, parliament hosted public hearings to discuss the scope and applicability of transitional justice.

For advocates of transitional justice, the concept offers a means of creating a clean slate upon which to craft a better and more legitimate system of governance. It also may offer a way to reform the country’s institutions.

Ruben Carranza, a senior ICTJ expert, has been working with Armenia’s new authorities since shortly after they came to power last spring. Transitional justice in Armenia “can build the foundation for accountability and sustain it beyond the initial period of euphoria,” he said last year

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