Australian Man to Face ‘Shocking’ War Crimes Charges in Croatia


59-year-old Zoran Tadic is believed to have been living an ordinary life in Australia for more than 25 years, raising a family in the suburbs of Sydney and becoming an Australian citizen. However, the Special War Crimes Investigations Unit in Croatia last month laid charges of crimes against humanity under the Geneva Conventions against Mr. Tadic in absentia.

“The accused is wanted for war crimes committed in the area of Škabrnja, Croatia on November 18, 1991, where 30 innocent civilians and 13 local defenders lost their lives,” a spokesperson for the Croatian Embassy in Canberra said. “The Republic of Croatia remains unequivocally committed to bringing the perpetrators of all war crimes on our territory to justice,” the spokesperson added. Croatian-Australian academic Ludka Budak from Macquarie University said the allegations were “shocking” and raised questions about how Mr. Tadic was first allowed into Australia in the early 1990s.

Mr. Tadic was allegedly the leader of a Serbian paramilitary unit at the time of the brutal massacre. His extradition could take months or years depending on whether or not he fights the extradition request.

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