Azerbaijan Arrests Soldiers Suspected of War Crimes


Azerbaijan has arrested four soldiers suspected of involvement in war crimes, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan announced on Monday. The servicemen are accused of defiling the bodies of Armenian soldiers, inhumanely mistreating Armenian troops, and defacing gravestones belonging to Armenians.

In a statement, the prosecutor’s office described the soldier’s “illegal” acts as “regrettable” and warned that anyone else suspected of similar war crimes will face similar legal actions. Several videos have been shared on social media of Azerbaijani servicemen mistreating Armenian soldiers and attempting to destroy graves. There also was “ground for suspicion” that some soldiers have destroyed Armenian gravestones in a cemetery in Madatli village of the Khojavend district. The arrests come after Human Rights Watch called on Baku to investigate potential war crimes on December 2. “There are serious grounds for concern about their safety and well-being,” said the rights group, about Armenian victims in the region.

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