Bolsonaro Appoints Military Men to Investigate Dictatorship Abuses


On Thursday, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro appointed two members of the armed forces to a commission investigating deaths and disappearances during the brutal 1964-1981 military dictatorship.

The special commission, set up in 1995, aims to find the bodies of and identify those who died or disappeared when in police custody during the dictatorship. It also issues compensation criteria for the victims' families. It has processed 480 requests for identification and compensation.

The far-right leader is an unapologetic admirer of the dictatorship, under which he served as an artillery officer, and has caused outrage by branding it a "glorious" time in Brazilian history. The move comes two days after he questioned the credibility of a report published by the National Truth Commission investigating abuses committed by the dictatorship.

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France 24