Bosnian Clerics Unite to Condemn Wartime Sexual Violence


If Balkan history had a soundtrack, it would be the sounds coming from the National Theatre in Sarajevo on Thursday evening.

Religious songs of the Islamic, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish faiths flowed through the large golden room, as leaders of the four religious communities came together to mark 20 years since the establishment of Bosnia’s Inter-Religious Council by signing the Declaration on Denouncing Stigmatisation of Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.

“What is said is often forgotten. But what is written down stays for the coming generations. This is why we believe that this declaration, while it will not solve all our problems... will help us to look into each other’s eyes and try to mend the wounds of those who have suffered in the past war,” Jakob Finci, the head of the Bosnian Jewish Community and one of the original founders of the Council, told a press conference earlier that day.

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