Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighters Cleared of Murdering Family


The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court on Friday found Milorad Radakovic and Goran Pejic not guilty of war crimes. Radakovic and Pejic had been accused of going to the village of Tukovi near Prijedor on June 13, 1992, when one of the defendants killed three members of the Ecimovic family in one house and then both opened fire in a second house, killing two more members of the family. Radakovic is a former reservist policeman, while Pejic is a former member of an unidentified military or police formation. They were originally acquitted in May this year. The judge at their original trial said that the only fact determined by the court was that Tomo, Marija, Katarina, Nikola, and Cecilija Ecimovic were killed on June 13, 1992. She said that testimony from a witness, who said he drove the defendants to the Ecimovic family house and then waited for them in the car, was insufficient to establish guilt. The prosecution appealed against the verdict, alleging there were substantial violations during the criminal proceedings, but the appeals chamber rejected the appeal as unfounded.

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