Brazil: Retired Major Charged Over Massacre During Dictatorship


Brazilian prosecutors have charged a retired army major who allegedly led a massacre of dozens of leftist guerrillas during the country’s military dictatorship. The federal prosecutors’ office said that Sebastião Curio is accused of killings, torture, and hiding bodies in the Amazon region.

Prosecutors say Curio was involved in at least two killings in the city of Brejo Grande do Araguaia in 1974. Hundreds of local residents say they were tortured for supporting Marxist guerrillas who sought to overthrow the country’s authoritarian rule.

An amnesty law has blocked most prosecutions linked to abuses during the dictatorship, but prosecutors say some types of crimes committed under certain circumstances are exempt. Courts suspended two earlier attempts to try Curio on various charges, but prosecutors are now appealing those decisions. Curio continues to deny any wrongdoing.

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The Guardian