• Colombian Rebels Suspend Election Campaign, Putting Peace Into Limbo


    The deal that ended decades of war in Colombia hinged on a simple formula: The rebels would surrender their weapons, and in exchange, earn the right to run for office in the country’s democracy.

    But on Friday the former fighters said they were suspending their campaign. Their activists were being killed, they said, and threats were mounting against those who remained — including their top commander who is running for president.

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  • New ICTJ Guide Offers Recommendations for Interviewing Young People As Part of Truth Seeking and Documentation Efforts


    In the aftermath of massive human rights violations, the voices of young people carry enormous potential: they can tell the truth about the past while offering new paths forward as their societies pursue peace and justice. However, if institutions want the insights of young people, they must avoid pre-formulated solutions and instead engage with youth on their own terms. A new guide released by ICTJ today aims to provide the tools necessary to do so, offering recommendations about how to responsibly and effectively gather statements from young people.

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  • Despite recent achievements, many challenges ahead for the International Criminal Court


    These questions become more urgent in the context of the Office of the Prosecutor’s recent decision to request approval from the ICC Pre-trial Chamber to investigate crimes that were committed in Afghanistan, including those committed by the US military and the CIA. The prosecutor’s 2017 report on her preliminary examinations in Afghanistan refers to acts that were “particularly cruel, involving the infliction of serious physical and psychological injury, over prolonged periods…leaving victims deeply traumatized.”

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  • Parents of Disappeared Ayotzinapa Students Protest Court


    Family members demanded that federal judges avoid more delays to the case.
    A group formed by the parents and family members of the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students have met with Luis Maria Aguilar Morales, president of Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice for the Nation, SCJN. Headed by Vidulfo Rosales, the legal council representing the family members, the group has demanded that federal judges avoid more delays to the case.

    Other family members gathered in front of the SCJN while the meeting was taking place in protest of the delays.

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  • Chile president-elect reveals hardline cabinet with ties to Pinochet


    Conservatives to join Sebastian Piñera, who campaigned as centrist. New interior minister was vocal supporter of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

    Chile’s president-elect, the billionaire businessman Sebastian Piñera, has unveiled a new hardline cabinet, including prominent conservative figures and some politicians once closely aligned with the Pinochet dictatorship. The new interior minister, Andrés Chadwick, was a vocal supporter of Augusto Pinochet during his 1973-1990 regime, which named him president of the Catholic University Students Federation.

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  • Colombia war crimes tribunal to begin hearings within 6 months: prosecutor


    The war crimes tribunal that took force in Colombia on Monday should call the first war crime suspects to trial within six months, the court’s chief prosecutor said.
    The Special Jurisdiction for Peace, or JEP, will try thousands of former guerrillas and members of the military for the crimes and atrocities committed in half a century of armed conflict.
    The chief prosecutor at the court, Giovanni Alvarez, told newspaper El Tiempo on Tuesday that the court will begin public hearings once all logistical preparations are made.

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  • Fujimori: New rallies against Peru ex-president's pardon


    New rallies have been held across Peru against the decision to pardon former President Alberto Fujimori.
    In the capital Lima, students, trade unionists and human rights activists marched amid a heavy police presence.
    The protesters were demanding not only the quashing of the pardon but also the resignation of President Pablo Kuczynski, who granted it.
    Fujimori, who was serving 25 years for human rights abuses and corruption, was pardoned on Christmas Eve.

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  • A Colombian Rebel Group Resumes Attacks After Cease-Fire Ends


    Colombia’s fragile peace was shaken on Wednesday as the National Liberation Army, a guerrilla group known as the ELN, attacked a military base and an oil pipeline just hours after a 102-day cease-fire ended, the government said.

    While no deaths were reported, the attacks underscored the steep challenges Colombia faces as it tries to negotiate a peace deal with the ELN similar to the one that it signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, in 2016.

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  • Colombia: ELN Ceasefire Negotiations Resume in Quito


    The ceasefire agreement, known as the Bilateral, Temporary and National Ceasefire Agreement, is set to expire Jan. 9.

    The Colombian government and representatives of the National Liberation Army, ELN, are meeting in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito to renew their September ceasefire.

    The ceasefire agreement, known as the Bilateral, Temporary and National Ceasefire Agreement, is set to expire Jan. 9. It was reached several months ago in Quito. The Colombian government delegation is headed by the country’s former vice president, Gustavo Bell.

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  • Peru's President Pardons Alberto Fujimori, Enraging Critics


    LIMA, Peru — Alberto Fujimori, who as Peru’s leader in the 1990s revived the economy and crushed two violent leftist insurgencies, but was forced out in a corruption scandal and later imprisoned for human rights abuses, received a medical pardon on Sunday night, a decision that prompted an outcry across the Andean nation.

    The Christmas Eve pardon was approved by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who narrowly survived a bid by Congress on Thursday to remove him from office over allegations linking him to a graft scandal that has rattled Latin America.

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