• Kenya Court Upholds President’s Election Win


    Kenya’s Supreme Court on Monday dismissed two petitions seeking to overturn last month’s presidential vote, paving the way for the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term.

    The unanimous decision is the latest — and, it seems, final — stage of Kenya’s unexpectedly prolonged presidential election cycle, which erupted this weekend into clashes between opposition supporters and the police that were broadcast on live television.

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  • Kenya election: Kenyatta re-elected in disputed poll


    Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared winner of a controversial re-run of the presidential election.

    He won 98% of the vote with turnout at just under 39% - less than half that recorded in August's vote, according to the election commission.

    The opposition leader, Raila Odinga, pulled out of the re-run and urged his supporters to boycott it.

    Mr Kenyatta was also declared the winner in the August vote, which was annulled because of "irregularities".

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  • Kenya election: Turnout under 34% amid opposition boycott


    Kenya's electoral commission says fewer than 34% of registered voters took part in Thursday's re-run of the presidential election.

    The figure is sharply down on the initial poll in August, when nearly 80% of the electorate voted.

    The main opposition coalition had called for a boycott of the poll.

    Voting has had to be suspended indefinitely in four areas where opposition supporters have been clashing with police.

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  • In Kenya, polarizing election re-run rekindles ethnic tensions


    Kenya’s repeat presidential election, boycotted this week by millions, has reignited long-running tensions between ethnic communities in some areas, leading inhabitants of one small village in the west to pick up traditional arms on Saturday.

    In the bright green sugarcane fields where the western Nyanza region rolls toward the Nandi hills, two tribes -- the Luo and the Kalenjin -- have lived in relative peace for years.

    But in the village of Koguta, down the road from the town of Mugoroni in Kisumu County, Thursday’s polarizing vote reignited old grievances.

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  • Kenyan police disperse protests against election commission


    Kenyan police used tear gas and batons on Tuesday to disperse protesters who say election officials should be sacked before the re-run of a presidential vote because they favor President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Several volleys of tear gas were fired near the election commission headquarters in central Nairobi, a Reuters witness said. When protestors regrouped, officers fired more tear gas and beat some with batons. By mid-afternoon calm had returned.

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  • Kenya May Face Constitutional Crisis Over Election Impasse


    Kenya is lurching toward a constitutional crisis as a standoff deepens between the two presidential candidates over how to manage a rerun of last month’s botched election.

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  • Kenya's presidential elections moved to October 26


    Kenya's electoral commission says it has moved the date of the country's repeat presidential elections to October 26.

    The commission said in a statement on Thursday that plans to hold the vote on October 17 had to be scrapped because it needs more time to meet the requirements set by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

    In its ruling, the court said the electoral commission had failed to properly verify the result of the August 8 vote that declared President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner but was later invalidated.

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  • To Prevent Enforced Disappearances, Rethink the Justice and Security Equation



    With enforced disappearances on the rise, ICTJ President David Tolbert says the path to prevention is clear: the international community must reorder its priorities and change its approach. The disproportionate attention on counterterrorism takes us further away from accountability and prevention, Tolbert writes. He urges the international community to lead the way in unequivocally censoring governments that use enforced disappearance as a political tactic — and ensuring there can be no impunity for this crime.

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  • Protests over election fraud claim turn deadly in Kenya


    At least five people have been killed in post-election violence in Kenya after opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed "massive" fraud in Tuesday's vote.

    Two people were shot dead in the capital Nairobi on Wednesday, said the city's police chief Japheth Koome, claiming they took advantage of the protests to steal.

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  • Kenyans Vote in Presidential Election, Amid Fears of Violence


    Millions of Kenyans went to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a new president, the culmination of a campaign dominated by concerns about the potential for vote-rigging and fears that the country will be plunged into violence once the winner is announced.

    The election was carried out peacefully and there were few technical glitches compared to the previous poll, in 2013, when voting machines were afflicted by widespread malfunctions. An election in 2007, widely believed to have been flawed, touched off bloodshed that left at least 1,300 people dead and 600,000 displaced.

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