Colombia’s War Crimes Tribunal Urges Uribe to End “Insults” and “Disinformation”


The president of Colombia’s war crimes tribunal, Patricia Linares, sent a letter to controversial former president Alvaro Uribe asking him to end his campaign of “insults, disinformation, and distortion” against the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). Uribe, whose administration has been convicted for multiple war crimes, has wielded his substantial political power to attack the JEP, repeatedly calling for it to be dismantled.

Linares called on Uribe to respect article 22 of the Constitution, which states that “peace is a right and a duty of all Colombians, an ethical and judicial duty,” and urged those in Congress and the executive branch who have the duty to make decisions on the recently proposed reforms to engage in debate “disconnected from insults, disinformation, and the distortion of the functions we serve.”

The letter comes in the wake of the placement of controversial billboards in Antioquia by Senator Paola Holguin that plainly state that to support the JEP, which was set up after consultations with victims, is to side with war criminals. Uribe dismissed the letter on Twitter, saying “the JEP should respect opinions that believe this is not the path for peace or the vindication of victims...”

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