Colombia govt. selects victim representatives for FARC peace talks


Colombia’s government has selected delegates to represent victims of the armed conflict in the Havana peace talks with the country’s biggest rebel group, the FARC.

This follows Saturday’s announcement in which the FARC and the government both recognized their role as victimizers in the armed conflict and announced their decision to invite victims to take part in ongoing peace talks, Caracol Radio reported on Tuesday.

The FARC’s admission of responsibility in human rights violations and violations of fundamental rights of Colombians is historic; never before have the guerrillas explicitly admitted responsibility.

Delegates are being selected based on gender and ethnic group, in accordance with a government directive to ensure that the groups most affected by the conflict are represented.

Also selected are representatives of the National Bureau of Victims, Bogota’s National University and organizations working with victims of the armed conflict, such as Victims’ Land Restitution and the Ministry of Agriculture, according to Caracol Radio.

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