Congo talks with M23 set to resume in Uganda


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government officials and representatives of the rebel M23 group were on Friday preparing to resume talks in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Fred Opolot, a Ugandan government spokesperson, said the talks had been delayed by the late arrival of some M23 representatives.

“Some of those supposed to participate in the peace talks have already arrived in the country,” he said on Friday. “We are still waiting for some members of M23 (to arrive) so that the talks kick off.”

Opolot said the talks will be held at the Munyonyo Resort Hotel about five kilometers from Kampala.

The talks follow the 24 November meeting of the Heads of State of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) on the security situation in the east of the DRC.

According to a statement by the Ugandan government “delegations from the DRC government and M23 will begin preliminary meetings on 7th December 2012 in Kampala, Uganda, to resolve the conflict in eastern DRC.”

“Key on the agenda are ground rules, working framework for subsequent meetings and guidelines for and composition of observers,” the government said.

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