Croatia: UN Rights Expert Calls for Renewed Transitional Justice Process After 90's Conflict


After a six-day official visit to Croatia, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation, and guarantees of non-recurrence, Fabian Salvioli, urged the government to advance the transitional justice agenda following the 1991-94 armed conflict.

Citing increased cases of radicalization and hate speech in the country, Salvioli said, "...progress appears to have stalled in the last seven years and concerns have risen regarding the prospects of effective social reconciliation, particularly as a result of mounting instances of hate speech, glorification of war crimes, and the relativization of the decisions of the ICTY and national tribunals." 

During his visit, Salvioli met government officials, civil society and huma rights representatives, victims and survivors. He also visited mass grave sites, exhumation locations, memorials of the 1990s conflict and sites of World War Two concentration camps. He will submit a full report on the visit to the Human Rights Council in 2022. 

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