From FARC to Civilian Life: New Exhibition in Bogota Documents Transition of Ex-Guerrilla Fighters


Images of ex-combatants going through the reintegration process will be on display this week at the Center for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation in Bogota. The black and white photographs, taken by Malcolm Linton, capture the everyday humanity, emotions, and expressions of ex-FARC guerrilla fighters who are reintegrating into society. 

Highlights of the exhibition include images depicting a New Year’s celebrations in a camp near Vista Hermosa, the arrival of an ex-combatant at his family home in Bogota, and guerrilla fighters yet to disarm in the El Diamante camp, south of San Vicente de Caguán. The high councilor for victims, Gustavo Quintero, hopes that the exhibition will encourage children, teenagers, and adults to create their own narratives about the conflict. The exhibition is designed to promote the recognition of all people in Colombian society, in hopes of creating both present and future opportunities.

The exhibition forms part of the center’s wider cultural agenda focusing on peace and reconciliation. Visitors can also visit an exhibition that uses sensory stimulation to recount stories and experiences of the war.

This coverage was translated from Spanish. Read more here.

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