Gambia: Justice Minister Holds Dialogue with Victims on Release of "Junglers"


Abubacar Tambadou, the Minister of Justice has on Friday held dialogue with victims of the 22-year rule of Yahya Jammeh about the release of four “junglers.”

Ba Tambadou in a face-to face-meeting with victims on Friday, August 9, disclosed to victims that he recommended the release of Malick Jatta, Omar Jallow, Amadou Badjie, and Pa Ousman Sanneh, who were all part of the Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad. He added that they will be released, stating that the release of the four “junglers” was done in the best interest of the victims and the country.

The Justice Minister said the truth about past human rights violation would not have been known if the “junglers” did not come out to testify. He urged the victims to understand that the release of the “junglers” will encourage others to come forward and tell the truth about the things they have done.

For their part, the victims said that the minister should have engaged with them before taking any decision to release the “junglers.”

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