Gambia: TRRC Update: The National Conversation Continues, Freedom Newspaper


The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) concluded its second three-week session on February 28. During this session, the commission heard testimonies from 12 witnesses, which brought the total number of witnesses heard since the beginning of hearings on January 7 to 25. All of the witnesses were male. The TRRC has received statements from female victims, but so far, they have not given testimony.

The revelations at the hearings have generated serious public interest in the commission’s work and inspired a growing determination amongst Gambians to ensure that gross violations of human rights or the emergence of a dictatorship will not be tolerated again.

In January and February, TRRC units also conducted several community outreach activities across the country with a view to continuing the national conversation on the mandate and work of the commission, the causes and consequences of dictatorship, and how best to promote justice, healing, peace, and reconciliation. These outreach activities are designed to empower Gambian communities and demonstrate the TRRC’s policy of inclusivity.

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