Georgetown Students Agree to Create Reparations Fund


Students at Georgetown University have voted to increase their tuition to benefit descendants of the 272 enslaved Africans that the Jesuits who ran the school sold nearly two centuries ago to secure its financial future. The fund they voted to create would represent the first instance of reparations for slavery by a prominent American organization.

The proposal passed with two-thirds of the vote, but the student-led referendum was nonbinding, and the university’s board of directors must approve the measure before it can take effect.

The undergraduate student body voted to add a new fee of USD $27.20 per student per semester to their tuition bill, with the proceeds devoted to supporting education and health care programs in Louisiana and Maryland, where many of 4,000 known living descendants of the 272 enslaved people now reside. Georgetown University agreed in 2016 to give admissions preference to descendants of the 272 slaves and has formally apologized for its role in slavery.

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New York Times