Guatemala Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence Fight for Justice


Indigenous Maya Achi women who said they were raped by paramilitary group members during Guatemala's 36-year-long civil war have suffered a major setback in their nearly decade-long quest for justice.

After the prosecution's testimonies, witness statements, documentation and reports, a judge ruled on Friday there was insufficient evidence to send six former PAC paramilitary patrol members to trial for crimes against humanity for wartime sexual violence against 36 Maya Achi women.

The state carried out acts of genocide in four regions, including the Maya Achi region, the truth commission concluded. Indigenous women around the country have been increasingly pushing for justice for the use of rape as a weapon of war in the context of genocide. 

The hearing on Friday coincided with Guatemala's National Day of Forced Disappearance. An estimated 45,000 men, women and children were disappeared during the conflict. Investigations and exhumations continue.

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Al Jazeera