Guatemala's CICIG: UN-Backed Anti-Corruption Body Shuts Its Doors


A UN-backed anti-corruption commission that has brought down a Guatemalan president and vice president, as well as other high-ranking officials, will shut its doors on Tuesday after 12 years of operations.

Last year, President Jimmy Morales, a critic of the body, said he would not renew the mandate of the UN-backed International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).

"Thank God we kicked them out," Morales said on Sunday during a public speech, without naming CICIG directly.

"We must never wait or allow them to come to trample us," he added.

CICIG was established in 2006 to help combat impunity and corruption that has flourished in the decade since the signing of the peace accords that ended the country's 36-year-long internal armed conflict. It began operating the following year.

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