Human Rights Lawyers Sue Trump Administration for 'Silencing' Them


Prominent US human rights lawyers are suing the Trump administration over an executive order they say has gagged them and halted their work pursuing justice on behalf of war crimes victims around the world. As a result of the order in June, which threaten “serious consequences” for anyone giving support to the work of the international criminal court (ICC) in The Hague, the lawyers say they have had to cancel speeches and presentations, end research, and abandon writing ICC-related articles and dispensing advice and assistance to victims of atrocities.

They argue that the Trump administration’s actions have resulted in an unprecedented infringement of their constitutional rights. “This is just a wallop, a gut punch, silencing the activities that really have been my life’s work,” said Diane Marie Amann, professor of international law at the University of Georgia and one of the plaintiffs.

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The Guardian