Indian Border State Withdraws Order Barring Shelter for Those Fleeing Myanmar


Last week, after people tried crossing into Manipur, an Indian border state, the state government there told five districts bordering Myanmar to turn them away.

Now, Manipur has withdrawn the order to refuse food and shelter to people from Myanmar fleeing bloodshed, two officials told Reuters on Tuesday, after the measure drew fierce public criticism.

More than 1,000 people, including Myanmar policemen and their families, have crossed into India since late February, most of them into the northeastern state of Mizoram, where the local government and civil society groups have supported them.

Manipur and Mizoram are among the four Indian states that share a porous frontier with Myanmar, allowing for easy movement of people and goods. Refugees escaping the military crackdown on Myanmar’s pro-democracy protesters have also begun fleeing to Thailand.

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