What does "civic engagement" mean for you? Interview with Kenyan Youth Leader Carine Umutoniwase


Is it important for youth to learn about the violations and abuses that were committed in the past? What active role should youth play in a country recovering from conflict or repression?

This year, the United Nations chose "civic engagement" as the theme for International ‪Youth Day‬. To mark this significant day, ICTJ talked to Kenyan youth leader Carine Umutoniwase to reflect on how learning from a violent past inspires youth in countries recovering from conflict and repression to avoid past mistakes and to come up with solutions that contribute towards a more just and accountable society.

Carine is a member of the youth organization Footprints for Change, which aims to transform Kenyan youth by exposing them to values, knowledge, and skills that promote an accountable society through innovative training in leadership for different enterprises. They work with youth in schools and out of school in marginalized areas and communities in Kenya.

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