Iraqi Doctor Accused of Crimes Against Humanity While Working for Saddam Hussein Wins Right to Claim UK Asylum


An Iraqi doctor accused of carrying out crimes against humanity while working for Saddam Hussein’s feared military intelligence has won his legal battle to claim asylum in the UK.

The 54-year-old medic, identified only as MAB, came to UK 19 years ago after treating prisoners who were being tortured by members of the Al-Istikhbarat, the military wing of the Ba’ath Party’s security agencies. Following an investigation by the war crimes unit of the Home Office Border Agency, he was denied refugee protection because he had ‘committed crimes against humanity.’

Although he was not accused of directly carrying out acts of torture, his role at the headquarters of Al-Istikhbarat meant he had treated prisoners who he knew might face further torture. The Al-Istikhbarat was particularly feared because they were known to hang prisoners at its headquarters.

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The Sun