Japanese Court Denies Request to Remove Korean Names from Yasukuni Shrine


A Japanese court has denied a request by 27 Korean people to remove the names of their family members from the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. The shrine honors Japan's war dead, including Class A war criminals. It took five years and seven months for the Tokyo District Court to make a decision on the lawsuit filed in September 2013. The court did not offer an explanation for its decision. Moreover, it ordered the plaintiffs to cover the trial costs.

According to Kyodo News, Tuesday, the court did not accept the plaintiffs' claim that the enshrinement damaged the deceased Koreans' honor, saying their enshrinement has not been made public, which leaves no chance for it to become known to unspecified individuals. The very first lawsuit filed to demand the removal of the names took place in February 2007. In the first suit, the plaintiffs lost the case at local and high court trials. With more victims' families joining, they filed the second suit, the ruling of which was made Tuesday.

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