Kosovo Massacre Survivor Slams Serbian Perpetrator’s Release


Saranda Bogujevci, survivor of a massacre of 14 Albanian women and children in Kosovo in 1999, said that a Serbian court’s decision to release one of the convicted attackers on parole was “unacceptable.”

Saranda Bogujevci, a survivor of the 1999 massacre in Podujevo/Podujeve, condemned on Wednesday Belgrade Higher Court’s decision to grant early release from prison to Sasa Cvjetan, a member of the Scorpions police unit that committed the crime.

“He committed these crimes with full awareness. I have remembered this man since I attended the trial with my family in 2003,” Bogujevci told BIRN.

Bogujevci, who is now an MP for the Kosovo opposition party Vetevendosje (Self-Determination), said that the families of victims “are having to go through pain and suffer again because Serbia is not taking responsibility.”

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