Legal Affairs Minister Cites Major Obstacles to Transitional Justice Law


Legal Affairs Minister Doctor Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi said the General People’s Congress (GPC) and some of its leaders in government reject passing the Transitional Justice Law and don’t want the law implemented.

In a workshop on Saturday, the minister said the Transitional Justice Law is being sabotaged.

Al-Mekhlafi told Yemen Times on Sunday that the GPC refuses the stipulation in the Transitional Justice law that says all bodies must forget about past grievances and should look to the future. He said those who are against the law want Yemen to slide into chaos and disorder.

“I think President [Abdu Rabu Mansour] Hadi and Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindawa tried convincing those members,” Al-Mekhladi said. “They will agree for two reasons. First, because there is a national trend refusing these attitudes against the law, and second, because the international community is aware of threats to Yemen and international peace and security.”

Al-Mekhlafi said the ministry has prepared all the necessary documents to pass the law and is ready to send the proposed law to parliament.

“Yemen is undergoing a transitional period, the core of which is achieving a national reconciliation,” he said. “All people count on change in Yemen and overcoming the risks of sliding into chaos through compromise and the National Dialogue Conference. The legitimacy of the state that is based on reconciliation, which was achieved through the Gulf Initiative and its implementing mechanism.”

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