Mapuches of Chile and Argentina Launch Cross-Border March


In a press conference on Wednesday in Buenos Aires, Mapuche organizations from Chile and Argentina announced the first joint march that will cross the common border in order to protest the militarization of Mapuche territories, and to demand the release of all Mapuche activists, which they have called "political prisoners."

The unprecedented mobilization will take place in the beginning of December, in the main cities located on both sides of the border in the Andean mountains, said Moira Millán, representing the Chilean group led by Machi Francisca Linconao in Ngulumapu, and Ingrid Conejero Montecino, representing the March of Native Women for the Well Being in Argentina, in Puelmapu.

They both exposed the situation of repression lived daily in the ancestral territories and called for the solidarity of Argentines and Chileans to defend the rights of native peoples.

They accused both governments of having criminalized their struggles in the interests of foreign companies in the Patagonia region, with the support of the mainstream media.

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